Nieuw Jurk is the ongoing interdisciplinary and socially critical concept of Esther Meijer, notorious for its history of conceptual and unique fashion projects, where Meijer practiced fashion in an innovative and multidisciplinary way. A Nieuw Jurk concept was reflected in the choice of disciplines, a collection, print design, presentation, main characters, and collaborations. Meijer approaches fashion as a phenomenon with the gaze of an anthropologist and analyses it as a means of communication; what you wear says a lot about image and identity. Youth culture, various subcultures, and online culture are a big inspiration.

Nieuw Jurk gradually transformed in a hypothetical brand that focuses on multimedia art and community projects. Meijer uses discarded clothes and textiles as the main material to make sculptural and installative work and exposes the fashion industry as one of the biggest systems of oppression - for workers, consumers, designers, ecosystems, and non-human animals.

She uses her work as a tool to emphasize social and cultural phenomena, to spark the viewer to reflect on subjects like so-called fashion hypnosis, the oppression of women and motherhood in the patriarchal system, climate injustice in relation to the capitalist construct, the evilness of consumerism, and toxic online culture. By exposing these subjects, Meijer makes space for discussion and fiddles with taboos on social, political, and cultural institutions.

Nieuw Jurk projects invite an audience to participate or connect with art or each other. Recently she hosted a nomadic art space in Amsterdam Zuidoost where people showed their work, came together, and exchanged ideas and knowledge on unconventional ways of thinking - creating space for several subcultures, artists, and non-normative makers, thinkers, and voices.