Nieuw Jurk is the Amsterdam-based fashion label of Esther Meijer, graduated from ArtEZ in Arnhem with collection ‘Going Ape in Nieuw Jurk’ where Nieuw Jurk was a fictional city and the models the Nieuw Jurk-gang. Youth- and streetculture are still a big inspiration.

A Nieuw Jurk-concept is reflected in a collection, it’s print design and presentation. Since 2009 Nieuw Jurk is well known because of the conceptual and unique way of showing collections, where fashion is presented in an innovative and multidisciplinairy way. Meijer presented her collections at Fashion Week and during her own events in Amsterdam, Berlin and Taipei.

In her work Meijer uses fashion as a tool to draw attention to social issues like the influence of porn on society, social media and the financial crisis. She plays with body-image and gives a new perspective on shapes and sizes. A Nieuw Jurk design is often multi-wearable and unisex, over-the-top but wearable.